MVR Vaporiser

Turnkey Solution provider of waste water purification and recycling Vacutherm mastered the art of Industrial waste water (Effluent) purification, separation of dissolved solid matter and up to 99% recycling of purified water of absolutely low TDS in process. This makes industry in category of Zero Liquid Discharge and Almost Zero Fresh water intake for process use.

Waste water Purification is based on Vaporisation and distillation without use of steam, thermic fluid, Electrical heating of any kind of heat source.

Vacutherm uses modern and highly energy efficient Mechanical Vapour Recompression technology for waste water purification, requires only electrical energy for operation. No need of Boiler and cooling and condensing section for heat generation and its dumping.

Special feature of Vacutherm MVR vaporiser is its Falling Film Type Oval Channel Heat Exchanger which offers high heat transfer coefficient with minimum internal losses.

Vacutherm Developed ATFD and Paddle drier to attain zero liquid discharge and recover to dissolved and suspended solids in order to use recycle or dispose recovered salts in nature friendly manner.

To minimize contamination of Volatile solvent in purified water, Vacutherm developed multistage stripping technology. It can be used prier to sending waste water in MVR vaporiser and after getting distilled condensate or both depends on nature of volatile.

Clean water recovery almost 100% present in Effluent Clean water TDS below 100 ZLD with 100% clean water recycling along with efforts of recovered dissolved solids regeneration & recycling


No external heat source
No heat rejection unit
No chemical treatment
No RO/No membrane
No ground water extraction
100% clean water recovery and recycling
Minimal electric power demand
Evaporation at low ΔT
Single step solution in closed loop
Lowest foot-print area
High quality product
Automated operation
Low capital cost
Minimum operational and maintenance cost
Wide applicability
Dedicated Team


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Industrial applications
Waste Water Treatment Industries
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Chemical Industries
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Textile Industries
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Latex Industries
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Process & Allied Industries
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Leather Industries